First revieeeeew: LOVEA Masque Visage Purifiant

Hiii there!!!

Today I’m gonna write about this Organic product by Lovea, a French brand.

Lovea Mask pink clay

This Purifying face mask is made with pink clay (rich in trace elements and puryfies sensitive skins

without irritating it), it’s indicated for sensitive and delicate skin.

This mask promises to purify, nourish and even out your skin.

You have to apply it (avoiding the around eyes area) and leave it work for 5 minutes. Then you can

rinse  your face with water (possibly not cold) and apply your moisture treatement.

I tried twice and I’ ve found that’s really smoothing my skin (even though I don’t have particular skin

problems). My face was less “winter-cold-sad day” and more “oh, there’s a bit of sun there!”.  🙂

This is an interesting product for:

1- it’s not expensive!  3,99 €/75ml

2- it’s made with organic and natural ingredients:


INCI: Kaolin (used to draw out impurities and toxins and thereby clears the skin of excess oil, dirt, pollutions and other waste materials, stimulates the organic processes in the skin, and acts as a remineralizer of the skin much like thermal mud),Aqua, Illite (Illite refers to a group of clay sized micas that have a higher lattice water content and lowerpotassium content than mica, it’s absorbent), Glycerin (Humectant, it draws water into the outer layer of skin), Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter*, Betaine (humectant, skin conditioning, viscosity controlling), Cetearyl glucoside (emulsifying, formed by the condensation of cetearyl alcohol (fatty acid) with glucose. Can be naturally derived -from coconut/corn oil- or chemically synthesized.), Cetearyl alcohol (emollient, emulsifying, opacifying),  Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder*, Caprylyl/capryl glucoside (solubilizing non-ionic surfactant, obtained from renewable raw materials as fatty alcohols and glucose from vegetable origin), Glyceryl caprylate  (fatting, wetting, moisturizing, and co-emulsifying. It is very skinfriendly. Effective for the biological stabilization against yeast and bacterias), Polyepsilon-lysine (hair and skin conditioning, natural origin), Benzyl alcohol  (preservative, fragrance ingredient, also used to dissolve other ingredients to make a smooth formula or solution. It’s often replaced by synthetic version in the laboratory by mixing benzyl chloride with sodium hydroxide that’s very irritating especially for infants), Dehydroacetic acid (preservative, it stops the reproduction and growth of bacteria and fungi. Can be toxic if used in high concentration), Sodium usnate  (antimicrobial, active agent vegetable derived -Lichen).
*Ingredient from Organic Farming

Have you ever tried something by Lovea? Tell me your opinion!



This product was purchased by me. I did not receive any compensation by the company and this review reflects my personal opinion.

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