EYE PRIMER comparison

Let’s talk about three eye primers I’ve been using during the last year.


  1. Rugiada per Makeup by NeveCosmetics
  2. I ❀ Stage by Essence
  3. “Lemon Drop” Shadow Insurance by Too Faced

1- Rugiada per Makeup


This is a jelly natural primer.

Here are the ingredients:


PROS: As it’s composed by natural ingredients, it doesn’t irritate the eyes. When dryed, I can’t feel anything on my eyelid. It’s Vegan.

CONS: Duration is not very long. This base works well only with mineral/powder eyeshadows. Beware of creamy pencils or eyeshadows on it!



This is a creamy base, the applicator is like the traditional lipgloss one.

Is not all natural, but it’s not “BLEAH!!” at all. πŸ˜€

PROS: Duration is better than Rugiada(but on my oily eyelid is not working at it’s best). I’ve used it tons of times and seems to be still new! The price is very low πŸ˜‰ It’s good also as brow color base.

CONS: It goes into the crease and vanish a little when my face is warmer than usual.

3- Lemon DropΒ 


Lemon Drop contains a lot of stuff not so healthy for our eyes (read SILICONS) but if you use it sometimes, when you really need something strong, it would not leave any bad effect. (It always depends if you’re more or less sensitive skin person! )

PROS: The Lenght is faaaantaholic. No creasing, no “blowing in the wind”, no fading away even if you’re in the middle of a metal concert!! Optimal for eyebrows! It erases dyscromia on the eyelid.

CONS: it’s silicone based, you’d better not use it in everyday makeup πŸ˜‰

Hope this was helpful for you. If you have any questions abou those products, just ask!


These products were purchased by me. I did not receive any compensation by the company for showing them